Small and private

TMO Fashion Business School is an accredited, small-scale, private applied sciences college located in Doorn. It is the only applied sciences program in the Netherlands aimed specifically at filling commercial management positions in the fashion industry.

Accredited and small-scale
As a small-scale, private educational institute, we value an individual approach. We are able to provide individual attention to students in ways that other educational institutes cannot. We operate within the statutory framework of applied sciences education, which forms the basis of our formal accreditation. External supervisory agencies assure that we comply with these regulations.

Bachelor in fashion business
TMO is a University of Applied Sciences, providing the internationally accredited title Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Fashion. TMO is the only fashion business school in the Netherlands authorized to extend this title.

An intensive 3.5 year program
The Dutch-language full-time program at TMO takes 3.5 years, divided into 7 semesters. Each semester lasts half a year. In comparison to other Bachelor programs, 3.5 years is a relatively short period of time. This is due to the intensive and focused nature of our program. Our Fashion Business program offers a broad general education on all aspects of fashion management. The curriculum we offer allows you to pursue an in-depth approach to the world of fashion, management, and commerce. All subjects in our curriculum are related to the fashion industry.

Career in the fashion industry
TMO Fashion Business School trains students for careers in the fashion industry. Once you have completed your degree, you will possess the knowledge and skills you need to build a career in this industry. With your TMO applied sciences degree, you can secure a position as a purchaser/purchasing manager, product manager, sales manager in retail, formula (concept) manager in retail, B2B sales manager, (e-)marketing manager, or entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Does your family already own a business in the industry? Why not become a successor to the family business!

Is TMO the right school for you?
TMO Fashion Business School is a private and accredited applied sciences program for students pursuing commercial management positions in the fashion industry. TMO was founded in 1986 to answer industry demands for a new type of manager. To this day, we continue to provide the fashion industry with enterprising innovators in business and fashion – then, now, and in the future.

  • A unique synergy of business management education in the context of fashion
  • Integrated practice: our staff has close ties to the industry, our students participate in hands-on projects and internships
  • We dedicate substantial time and resources to personal development and research skills
  • The only fashion business program in the Netherlands authorized to provide the accredited title BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Fashion
  • Our teaching staff, guest lecturers, the industry, students, and alumni form a large international network
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