The program

TMO Fashion Business School trains students for commercial management positions in the international fashion industry. Since this industry is expanding rapidly around the globe, there is a great demand for talented young managers. In partnership with various fashion companies, we have developed a unique educational program. We want our students to make a difference in the world of fashion. We work together closely with companies operating the industry, and recruit teaching staff with hands-on experience in the field to provide a high-quality applied science program that always incorporates the latest developments.

In the course of our program, you will acquire knowledge and practical skills, and develop a critical, inquiring attitude. Our program is always firmly anchored in business practice and social developments. Choosing TMO means choosing a career in the most dynamic industry in the world: the fashion industry. An industry that continues to enjoy international growth and demonstrates a continuing demand for commercially-oriented, enterprising, fashion- and business-minded people.

Our program rests on 4 didactic pillars

Choose TMO

The semester structure at TMO Fashion Business School allows for September enrolment (the orientation week, Comin’ to Fashion, takes place in the last week of August). February enrolment is also possible (Comin’ to Fashion starts the third week of February).

Fashion Business is a full-time course. For example, one semester (half year) during the propaedeutic phase (your introductory year), consists of 10 weeks of lectures and seminars, 4 project weeks, and 2 exam periods.
You will be expected to study full-time. The TMO class schedule is adapted weekly. The first period starts at 8:45, and the last period ends at 17:30.
On Mondays, classes start at 9:45. On Thursdays and Fridays, we generally do not schedule classes after 15:30, so that you can devote this time to work experience in fashion retail. However, refresher courses and catch-up classes are usually reserved for Thursday and Friday afternoons after 15:30.

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