The TMO TextileLAB is our textile laboratory. Here, students and staff working in the fashion industry can demonstrate, learn, and experience how textile research is conducted.

Quality control before and during the production process. In order to prevent unnecessary product-related complaints and returns, it is essential to conduct a test phase in the laboratory. Our students are trained to use laboratory equipment to assess whether textiles are suited to the purposes proposed.

Take, for example, the Tensontest. This test is designed to assess the breathability of watertight textiles. We also keep our students up to date with the most recent developments in textile production and finishes.

The TextileLAB regularly hosts Detex workshops as well as specialized textile quality courses for our corporate partners. Aside from laying the foundation for a thorough understanding of textile quality theory, we dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to conducting practical examinations. We often find that companies come to us with specific questions, or request (further) analysis of certain textiles. For interested parties, we can schedule time in our TextileLAB and provide members of staff for supervision and assistance.

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