The TMO RetailLAB takes place in a classroom arranged like a store. In this interactive setting, we show students new subjects and new technologies that play an essential role on the sales floor. We examine how the optimal layouts and visual presentations of clothing will boost the consumer’s buying behavior. We also familiarize students with the ICT environments of supply systems, cash register systems, customer counting units, and visual merchandising. We also demonstrate the use of RFID technology to efficiently track stock, a technology developed in partnership with our industry contacts. We regularly host workshops on sales floor layout here as part of the Detex program.

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We aim to share the knowledge generated in the RetailLAB with the fashion industry where possible. We do this in partnership with our industry contacts. Our objective is to introduce industry players to new technologies, and to assess their interest in investing in these technologies.

An example: In 2016, as part of the RetailLAB, TMO organized a convention about ‘the current state of RFID in the fashion industry in 2016’ in co-operation with VLM Community Fashion. During this convention, we presented recent developments in the field. Our audience included students, TMO alumni, and interested parties from the fashion and logistics industries.
The TMO RetailLAB always welcomes interesting initiatives and projects. We enjoy working with parties looking to enhance the visibility of new developments and innovative technologies within educational settings. We also welcome parties wishing to run pilots and experiments, allowing our students to assist in testing and further developing new technologies.

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