The INFOcenter functions as a work environment as well as a place for students to study. Here, students can use the library and work/study spaces.

The INFOcenter provides online and offline access to books, reports, TMO-dissertations, research reports, research valorization plans, and other publications. TMO staff is present daily to provide assistance and annotate documents, so that TMO students can access publications in our online environment (Development Center) using search terms.

We regularly add relevant publications, and students can share these documents with external parties. However, research commissioned by companies and/or other parties within the industry may be placed under embargo. Needless to say, this research is not publicly accessible.

The online environment Aura is accessible not only to TMO students, but also to other interested parties. By offering broader access, TMO actively promotes knowledge sharing.

Instructions for gaining external access to TMO reports/publications

  • Click on the Aura (broad search)
  • Enter search term(s) you wish to find information on
  • You can enter additional information (title, author, year, etc.) to narrow down your search
  • Click on the field marked ‘Locatie’ (location) and choose the option ‘ONLINE’
  • Click on the button marked ‘Start search’. A list of publications will appear
  • Click on a title and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the document PDF
  • Click on the Adobe PDF icon to download the publication
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