Vacancies in the Fashion Industry

Speed dates

TMO organises, speed dates as we call it, with our corporate partners. Our speed dates are introductory meetings with potential future employers. A company taking part in a speed date is offering a job exclusively to former TMO students. All candidates who apply to a speed date event will be invited to a meeting where they will be given a chance to give a brief presentation.

Fashion Industry

TMO was founded in 1986 by business professionals previously active in the fashion industry. Their goal was to train a new type of manager for the fashion business: enterprising and innovative, with a thorough understanding of the fashion business. That is why you will find TMO graduates everywhere, nationally and internationally; working for well-known brands, manufacturers, and in retail. Each and every one of our graduate is an innovative, (future) entrepreneurial manager who can make a difference in the fashion industry. Every year, approximately 150 students attain the internationally recognised title Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Fashion. For more information, please contact: Mr J. Schefczyk, external relations manager:, or call +31 (0)343 416480.

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