Careers after TMO

The dynamic fashion industry demands enthusiastic, broadly oriented managers with specific knowledge about the industry. TMO Fashion Business School provides the education you need. In the fashion industry, the consumer is multi-connected through various social networks and communities. Purchases are increasingly made online, and visits to brick-and-mortar stores are declining. The fashion industry must evolve in accordance with these developments, and this requires the constant adaptation of new processes, systems, business models, organisational patterns, and modes of cooperation.

TMO Fashion Business School educates students interested in commercial management positions within the fashion industry. With your TMO bachelor degree, you will have everything you need to get started in one of the following jobs in fashion. After TMO, what are your career opportunities?

Entrepreneurial Manager

As a manager in the fashion industry, every day comes with new challenges, questions, and developments that require a response from you. How will you continue to reach your client base? Can you develop new ways to sell products? How can you tap into new markets? We train you to become the type of entrepreneurial manager who makes the essential difference in the fashion industry.

Buyer or Purchasing Manager

Buyers or purchasing managers may work for multiple stores or distributors. Your responsibilities include (but are not limited to) assembling collections, and managing the buying budget and pricing strategy. The purchasing manager often directs the purchasing team. You will visit fashion fairs in different cities to gather inspiration: you are always on top of the latest trends.

Product Manager

The product manager is responsible for the realisation of retailers’ and brand suppliers’ collections. This may include everything from managing the design process to supervising the moment the collections reach the shelves. A large part of your work consists of sourcing and overseeing preparations for production in factories. You will regularly travel abroad for this job.

Business-to-Business Sales Manager

On the business-to-business end of the fashion industry, you can work as a sales or account manager. You can work for (retail) buying organisations, wholesalers, agencies, or brands. You monitor the sales of the collections and maintain the company’s contacts with retailers. You are frequently on the road, visiting stores or arranging sales from in-house showrooms. You assess what makes a collection strong or weak, and communicate this information within the company you work for.

Retail (Concept) Manager

The retail (concept) manager provides powerful, high-performance, up-to-date store concepts. You must build a strong market position for a store concept, cultivate the brand identity, and make sure all the elements of the store form a coherent concept in its entirety and enhance one another. The goal is to attract in as many visitors as possible and boost conversion and revenue.

(E-)marketing Manager

The responsibilities of the marketing manager include managing the brand or retailer’s image. You will develop and organise marketing events, campaigns, and other communications. Your objective is to reach as many customers as possible and elicit a positive response. Since consumers increasingly purchase online for many companies the marketing manager has become, an e-marketing manager.

Independent Entrepreneur

Independent entrepreneurs or small business owners manage their own company. A small business could, for instance, be a retail company with one or more stores. You can also create your own brand, product, or service. You will work on the retail concept, but must also be comfortable with general management, financial transactions, and HR. You often manage purchases or production, and pursue the best possible sales results. This position combines many different professional fields.

Other positions

TMO is a commercial fashion management school. We prepare you for your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Fashion degree. We offer a combination of commerce, a thorough understanding of fashion, management skills, and a strong focus on personal development. This opens up a lot of opportunities for TMO graduates to pursue excellent careers, both within and beyond the fashion industry. Career options include general positions in marketing, e-commerce, communication, or commercial positions in other industries where customer experience and emotion are key factors for consumers.

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