Career opportunities

We train people for commercial management positions in the fashion industry. Your chances of finding a job after completing the TMO program are very high, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Our state-of-the-art education makes TMO graduates highly versatile and sought-after employees. Companies often come to us in search of interns and graduate employees due to favourable prior experience with our students. Around 2400 TMO graduates currently hold various positions within the fashion industry.

Career opportunities after completing TMO program

We work together closely with our partners in the industry. This means that you can get to know the relevant companies and their employees while studying. And they can get to know you. It is no surprise that career prospects for TMO graduates are excellent: 90% of our graduates work in the fashion industry, 70% work for an organization with an international reach. Moreover, approximately 80% of our students find suitable positions within three months from graduation


With our applied sciences degree and the accredited title Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Fashion, our graduates find employment in commercial management positions in the Netherlands and abroad. Positions such as:

*Purchaser/purchasing manager
*Product manager
*Sales manager retail formula / (concept) manager retail
*Business-to-business sales manager
*(E-)marketing manager
*Independent entrepreneur in the fashion industry

Work experience

We make sure that you gain in-depth practical experience during your studies. You will complete projects, assignments, and internships on the job. This allows you to expand your network while studying. Our close connections to the industry, along with your academic development and work experience, will help you developing your skills and guiding you toward your ideal career. This will increase your job opportunities. Your work experience will give you a running start, allowing you to quickly develop and build a great career.

International opportunities

We prepare our students for jobs in the international fashion industry. Even when working in the Netherlands, you will often operate within an international job environment. After all, many international retailers and offices are based in the Netherlands. TMO encourages students to undertake their graduate internship abroad. This increases your chances for an international career or a sought-after career with an international company based in the Netherlands.

Job openings and speed dates

TMO is keeping abreast of the latest job openings through our network of graduates and corporate partners within the fashion industry. We also organise speed dates with employers in the fashion industry. These speed dates are introductory meetings with potential employers providing exclusive job offers to our graduates. Besides that we have the experience that prospective graduates in their 7th semester are often offered a job with the company where they completed their internship.

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